In July 2016, the last company in the world, Funai, ceased the production of VHS equipment. Making the widespread casette format irrevocably obsolete, the VHS is now freed from the hands of the media industry, and a video ecological crisis has emerged where we must re-use casettes and repair machines, until the last magnetic tape wears out. In the light of this de-capitalization, VHS-FABRIKKEN (The VHS Factory) emerged to fight for video's future.
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VJ'ing and live visuals

VJ'ing and visuals

We do VJ'ing and live visuals for concerts, DJs and performers.
* FEUM Tæchno Live: Rrose, Sofus Forsberg and LUNI @ A-huset (8/3-19)
* Vekselstrøm Festival @ Ungdomskulturhuset (UKH) (31/8-18)
* Noise to the Future 3 @ AMOK (15/8-18)
* Offsite Festival @ Gyngen (9/6-18)
* Shiva på Konvolutfabrikken @ Konvolutfabrikken (9/2-18)
Workshops with analog video equipment and manipulation of electronic signals


We arrange workshops with analog video equipment and manipulation of electronic signals
* VHS Jam @ End of the Line (18/1-19)
* 24 hour non-stop video manufacturing @ AMOK (30/6-18)
Talks and screenings

Talks and screenings

We do talks about video archaeology and offer screenings of the videos from our archive
* AMOK TV @ AMOK på røven (14/7-18)


We produce videos with our equipment, including music video, commercials, special effects and more
* "Imperial State of Mind/Unlimited amount of power" with Qxios Trans
* We have electricity here in Denmark (not Norway)
* Music video with Turquoise Sun (upcoming)


We develop interactive video installations for concerts, festivals and exhibition spaces
* MADE: Festive Edition (Aarhus Makers) @ LYNfabrikken (16/11-17/11-18)
* MUSIC for the Meltdowns [party] @ B-huset (1/6-18)
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